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Strongly Used MP7001 Grocery Scanner Scale. Might have scratches, dents, some internal dirt and discoloration. One month support and warranty.


This works for NRS POS Puma and Cheetah. However, NRS does not recommend high volume retailers use Puma with the Scale Scanners due to eventual SKU quantity limitations, etc.


Dimensions: Long scanner and scanner/scale: 20 in. Lx 11.5 in. W x 4.00 in. . Operating Temperature, 32° Fto 104° F/0° C to 40° C Storage Temperature, -40° F



In addition to faster checkout, innovations that increase throughput and an industry best TCO, you get unprecedented management simplicity and functionality. Our powerful complimentary software enables easy remote management of your entire solution — the MP7000 grocery scanner scale and all attached peripherals. And predictive diagnostics provides the information you need to spot and resolve issues — before they impact performance.




Please download the Weights and Measurements Guide here. EatNnet is not responsible for local weights and measurements requirments. Please remember to schedule a scale inspector from your local weights and measurement authorities.

Strongly Used Zebra Grocery Scale Scanner (Programmed for NRS POS)

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